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:: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 ::

Blogger Idol Series 2, Week 1: All I Want For Christmas...

Well, Darren's re-started the Blogger Idol, so I thought I might join in this time.

This first week, the theme is "All I want for Christmas."

I think that I would like to see a distinction made between Advent and Christmas. Instead of this ever-increasing sound and noise and "holiday spirit" (whatever the heck that is), let's spend the four weeks before Christmas preparing ourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Then, starting 25 December, let's take 12 days and feast and focus upon the Word become Flesh and how amazing that actually is. And besides, 12 days of feasting will be less than we normally do in Advent!

In this way, we do what Bob Webber talks about all the time: we set time free to worship. We re-claim the seasons, the days, the feasts and the fasts for God. We give up being driven by shopping and the push to come up with something I need/want for Christmas.

I always have trouble coming up with Christmas lists. Don't call me a grinch!

:: Matt 12/07/2004 02:59:00 PM :: permalink :: ::
I read an interesting article in the past week -- I can't for the life of me recall where -- about the difficulty posed by selecting hymns for December. The congregation wants to begin singing Christmas songs right away, and would be sorely put out if they were all delayed until Christmas proper. But that, as you point out, gives Advent short shrift. The article suggests that some worship planners take a compromise approach, gradually shifting from Advent hymns to Christmas hymns as the month progresses.
This past Sunday, our worship team wove one verse of a Christmas song (which one escapes me at the moment...)in between the other worship songs. It was very effective, and took the carol out of the "sing-a-long" and into worship for me for the first time.
I have 2 kids (15 and 13 on the 18th of December ...who LOATHE making Christmas wish lists, always have.) Ask them to come up with stuff to GIVE others, they'll give you six pages. Ask them to ask for themselves, it's another story. Even at 4 and 5 years of age they were like this. Amazingly, they don't come from a well off family, and they rarely get the 'good stuff' ... my husband and I both are on disability, our income, by national standards, is below poverty. Their spirits ...are well above the well to do line!

So, for that reason ... your entry made me smile, they'd like your post, they'd use it against me when I ask them what they want for Christmas ...so you get in my top 5 list!
I listed you in my top 5 ... just letting you know.
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